Forsaken World


Unite against the forces that threaten Eyrda



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Forsaken World is a massive multiplayer role-playing game where players enter an epical fantasy world, full of dangers... and friends.

A character can be chosen from any of the five races of the fantasy world of Eyrda: humans, elves, dwarves, stonemen and kindreds. You must also choose a specialist class for you character from: warrior, mage, cleric, assassin, protector, vampire, bard or marksman.

As well as the usual battles, Forsaken World also incorporates a new PvP (player vs player) system in which the winner absorbs their enemy’s soul.

Forsaken World is a great MMORPG that, thanks to being totally free and having a carefully crafted look, has built up a huge community.

The game requires that the following component is downloaded and installed before use: Steam

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